Back against the brick wall, the sense that the pain is making me dizzy intensifies by the moment.

I look down to my stomach – yeah, that does not look good. The side is torn by that monster. I look around – it’s dark, can’t really see much.
The regret of trying to fish out that thing in the late evening does me.

The case assigned to me in the sunny day of a week ago and today – all lead to the now and me bleeding out.

It was a serial murder case, I thought that it’d be quite like the typical one. Nothing new, but no – the case was called “the rip”. I didn’t catch why, at the start, but after checking out the murder scenes – well, it was quite obvious.

The bodies would be ripped to shreds. Like, you know how the paper shredder works – yeah, that’s basically how it looks. But with real bodies.
I thought it to be peculiar, rather fascinating. But damn goresome.

And eventually after the days and days of investigation – I found a pattern to the murder victims. And to my great surprise – I also fit the bill.
So I took my chance and dressed in the manner that’s needed and went to the place that all victims frequented.

Did I think I’d be here now? I was too damn sure of myself being a survivor, being the top cop. Oh how I have to improve on that one…

“What is it sweetie? Is the light going off in your sweet eyes?” – I heard her sweet voice at the corner. I turn to look at her – yes, she’s the serial killer alright. With that sweet look and quite merciless tendencies.

“Don’t run baby. I’ll make you feel good.” – She sweetly says, then approaches me slowly.

I feel my head heavy, I fall on my knees. That is not good…

“Baby, I have some good poison in my claws… You were not to run away…” – She kicks me down. Her long red hair and mesmerising looks. – “You’ll be my little piggy for tonight.”