“Bloody tailoring! Why did I decide to go for tailoring?”
My rants were pointless. Truly. Saying crap about your work does not do shit about it. Just kills some time and fills silence in the room.
And I still go and do what I need, get paid, to do.

I have no regrets in life. Well, not that I’ll whine the hell out of my decisions, but my years in uni studying the management and whatnot, just did not really do anything for me. I felt like crap at work with people on my bloody case all the time, with questions, calls and emails that do the bloody head in.
Then it was about a year of self-pity, self-hate and trying the new little things in life, to see that maybe, just fucking maybe, I can do my own thing, with less people on my case and more silence.

That’s when I’ve went to a great, and I mean GREAT, event during evening at the tailor place in central. That was so fancy, so posh and just oh my… Yeah, my knickers got all juicy from how the fabric, the work and the outfits looked like. And the gents that sold it, that made it – fuck me sideways did they look classy.

So then it kind of hit me and I went and did classes of sewing and tailoring. It was a fucking struggle – from how and why’s of the sewing machine works, to “the magical hell is over-lock?” and many more moments.

But the moment I made my suits and did them in such a fucking epic fashion – I was stunned at my own abilities.
“My hands, me – I did this. I made this marvel.” – It downed on me.

So then – it was a bit to open my own LTD, to start off with some requests and to do a web page, social media stuff…

And I must say – yes, it’s hard. It’s absolutely tiresome at times. But there is just that satisfaction that runs through you once you’re the boss, the chef in own kitchen, the head of own shit, the master of own business. It’s the discovery of Me.