[14] “Armour” prompt Inktober2020

Clenching blade in teeth
Breathing barely, stiff
Fearful of possibility to be found
Sole traitor to still stick around

They walk off and away
A moment of breather, though can’t stay
The darn coup had failed the blow
Bloody prince was too goddamn slow

The magic in veins still runs deep
So taking this jump from so steep
Of a place in such unholy place
Would be result of death, or solace

Depending on how all might go
The gift of finest armour
About time for it to be shown

With less than thin of hair
To moment of that cursed dismay
I’ll vanquish this darkened heart
I’ll take all that needs to be back

Sword pierced through chest – tyrant falls
The guards shouting more to calls
I’ve killed the tyrant that ruled

Once more I awake from dream
Same cell, same bed, same me
A faithful servant of kingdom
Imprisoned in fake martyrdom

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