[4] “Radio” prompt Inktober2020

On and on the music keeps softly resounding from a radio. The so-familiar Yufuin Radio station broadcasts “Moonlight Classics”… And it’s quite the finding to tune in, when mind wants to wander.

Soft, as the breeze goes from the window, the evening air is so chill. From rains in the background to the sunny sunset – it all accompanied this sort of radio time.

Sometimes I wonder, how would our radio broadcast would sound? Would it touch your soul? Would it caress your ears? Would it bud your thrill? Tickle the dreams and wishes?

In meantime it’s just the feeling of this resonance in the heart – the feeling like an old tape is playing records, as the side soon shall be turned, then rewind by the pencil and put on and on many more times.

Soul playing itself in Stereo.

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