Took off the hat,
Entered the place,
Found a new feat,
Left with no trace

Full is my mind,
Empty my stomach,
I crave for divine
As body crawls hummock

The love brews insanity
Silence comes to, to haunt
With her shining vanity
Theatre starts to taunt

Beer and gin pours inside of me
The food of the place is sublime
Mind comes to halt, silently
Blooms desire for you to be mine

After show I’m morose
Watching crowd dissipate
I’d bring over red rose
But words’ not on the plate

Eyes wander the street yearningly
Your back is revealed to me
I follow your scent finally
Desire possessing me

I snap back to self only after hands,
Release beastly grip on your neck
Your eyes rolling out inwardly
Your breath halts to solid end

I panic, unable to see the road
I pull you along in my arms.
It was you who took the leading role
I went as you told me so

Once home, I take hat and I walk in room
Devoid of the sane relief
Your body is perched in the finest throne
The temperature won’t decrease

You’re cold and so smooth,
Yet I crave for your touch
And let me in, as you would
After I relieve myself much,
My love for you surely is true

Art by Pixoloid Studios on ArtStation