Stomping angrily, as frustrated by them fools
Telling me about the “rights” and “truths”
Filling days on end with mental abuse
All of that daily for them to re-use

Just being self to them is not acceptable
They all agree on “weak must be susceptible”
They all repeat “you hold the power in money”
But to me – “It’s all bullshit, honey”

Being so goddamn awful to me
Because I was raised to be free
To speak my mind and be against lies
To fight for nature, common sense and against demise

Why does it come across as being rude?
Why do you keep Your mouth shut
When you Must speak up to save lives
To save Our Future from childrens’ cries

As there are strong willed who fight these battles
There’s always others who hush these rattles
Then ones who cry daily about hardships
About lack of support from own flagships

Yet with all this storm boiling like kettle
The wish for many of us is to settle
Yet left out are children with angry bulls
In such events they end up raised with wolves


Art by Oliver Ryan on ArtStation