“Shhh!” – He keeps repeating, covering her mouth, as whimpers leave from there. Yanking her back, as they blend in the dark night alley.

“Just keep quiet!” – He silently hisses in her ear.

Maddening sound of buzzing machines, drones and siren pings come closer, as patrolling unit is sweeping over.

She stiffens, as he pulls her down to crouch behind dumpster.

Red lasers scan across the alley. Illuminating oozed corpses, yellow mucus and twitching lump of organic produce. Something that once was maybe dog.

Breaths short, silent, he holds her with steel grip. One wrong move, wrong sound – and they’ll join the disfigured dead.

Buzzing. Machinery does computing, beeping and whistling, then it moves on.

He still holds her. Sheer knowledge to keep silent – sure helps to survive, yet to escape – that’s a whole other bit to figure out.

Sharp sound of static from emergency speakers, then computerised voice starts to speak: “We are State.” – Static wheezes as words are spoken.

“Comply. Die. Live. Cry. We are State.” – Static so loud it seems deafening.

He feels her tears on his hand, her body is in a fearful shiver. It’s not him she is afraid of – it’s the State.

It could be so much easier to kill her here and now, but he still needs her for parts.

The eyes of disfigured, mucus oozing dead, are following them, as he pulls her by hand to his lair.

Smell is horrible. The wish to puke out guts is too present. She gags, then pulls her teary face aside to throw up blue liquid. All that technical upkeep drink now out. She’s feeling greatly nauseated.

He exhales and yanks her hand to keep going.


They reach small opening – the escape from this alley. He pulls her aside, pushing her back against the wall.

Her heart comes to suddenly sink. Her mouth opens to cry out, but no sound comes out. Horror frozen on her tear stained face.

The machines, the buzzing, lights flickering from all sides. She saw the face of this man in the light and whole lot of wish to fight – gone in instant. Powerless.

Skin – pale, hair – white, eyes – silver. Beauty that kills.

“We are State” – He mutters, watching her, looking into her eyes, as her tears keep falling. – “Comply. Die. Live. Cry.”

Her body nailed to spot. She knew – this is how reapers look like. Ones who upkeep this madness. Mechanical dolls – beautiful pearls with serial number printed on the back of their necks.

He felt tingle in his fingers. Eyes looked on hands, stained with blood.

She was still there, frozen to that spot. Her body limp, her soul is broken.


His eyes gaze upon the sky – the smog that reflects the lights back. When only in few alleys is dark – if they are deep enough.

Static buzzes through the air. The speakers are on to repeat the same words.

“Right, off to work then…” – He mutters to self, making steps into darkness.


Incense smoke is filling in the massive space of once existing office floor. Now empty and broken. The last of what is left for the rats to roam in.

He walks in, making way to the inside of the spacious place.

Silhouette in this thick smoke of a person standing. He comes closer, closing eyes as he approaches. He had never seen this person in detail. Never once did he open eyes to analyze them.

Soft touch on his cheek, soft hug, a kiss on the forehead.

“My faithful child, you are doing a great job. I’ll honour you for your sincerity and faith. Receive with blessing my appreciation.”

He only knew that voice was soothing to him. That touch was great. That he’d do anything for it.

The hands went on him, caressing him, pulling him to sit. Kisses on his body, hand pleasured him. He moaned and groaned, wishing for a day to see the person who did this to him, but knowing that the Saviour never allowed so – made him keep faith.

He came hard, moaning “Saviour”.

As he gasped for air – he felt lips of his Saviour, the moist tongue on his. “Real kiss” – gasped he in his head, as he enjoyed every moment of it.

His cheeks cupped in hands of the Saviour, body reacting more and more to the kiss. Erection once more in place. He then gasps for air, as the hand reaches to pleasure him once more. He comes passing out on floor.


The feeling and memory of kiss, will be in heart of his. Until the day he breaks, as system is in makes, of new upgraded kin… The new what’s left of him.