Musings/Tea time/Spring

Ever so lightly pressing it in. The ideas.

Forgetting how things work out, or maybe there are just little moments… Beautiful little moments.

Enjoying the tea with a fine clay set from Japan – makes tea taste magically better.


With the dear spring rolling in – the new sort of wave of “my old habits” have surfaced. It’s more a good sort of habits and fine memories.

Country side house is already at the stage of becoming the new and good attraction for me, like exercise and meditation.

There’s bunch of trees in need of grooming, there’s flower bed to be sorted, there’s path to be remade, the ground prepped for the future growing of plants – much work, and body, like mind, craves that workout and time in there. It’s really calming. Nice and sweet time.

Then also, the fire to burn, hot tea to drink and enjoy the little things.

Back in the days, when I was a young brat – guess until age 15, each summer I spent in countryside. Dotting on two big parts of land that had fruits and vegetables to be looked after. Also, grandmother and grandfather (from mums side) who I was pestering day and night. The cat, the neighbour and the endless people coming and going, as they would not really stay for long.

But it was sunny, it was all about enjoying growing something, looking after something, helping and working, to feel that sense of some sort of accomplishment.

asian-landscape-yard-with-fence-i_g-ISdg1kdfn02odo0000000000-P4L5fSince I was kid – I always liked one thing – the garden. It could be magical in any way: well kept, with plants/fruits growing, abandoned, shabbily looked after – but they all had the birds and the insects, the small or large animals roaming in there. Because everyone can enjoy the beauty.

That makes mind wonder – to seek for this garden beauty everywhere.


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