Original Short Story (Bit from Erick)

Rating: PG

The day was subtle. It was not too dark, not too bright. It was a typical partly grey day.

Hitting the soft keys on the keyboard, as the words appear on screen. Mind wonders in places, as he’s listening to the another cut out from the TED Talks. It’s fascinating to listen to the advancements of the technology, of human and further more.

When we produce the agitation to the brain, producing the connections of the events to create the links of the happenings. To make one thing come to another, or to link things that seem absolutely random.

He was really frustrated how people were putting pressure on him for the all things that he was keeping in pipeline to build, create and produce.

Others were pushing him to create faster, to move further, to do more – making him feel pressure. Unnecessary pressure.

This pressure was not allowing to have things straight in his head – it was becoming a mush, a chaos that was mixing up things in the most unproductive way possible – so that he’d procrastinate.

So now he was there – aware of all the pressure of the expectations, but he was taking his time. It’s normal to take time. The hurry was not the answer. It’s a bit tough to know for sure what is going to happen, as most plans don’t work out as you intended them to.

He sat there, putting it all in bits that would help:

To make bullet points of what comes after what.

He knew he had around 3-4 business plans, he also had a great writing to be executed.

It’s not that he had a grand amount of time to make it all happen – he just had a vision of it working out.

So he put it all into “First things First” and “Then it follows with” to “it has to be this one afterwards” – it was all for him to keep track of things.

Not that he was really happy with deadlines, but making some progress into WHEN he wanted certain things to be achieved by – was making him feel like he’s in control of the whole development.

He needed that control.

He felt a bit of how it’s destiny – to do hings, create things. He was still practising one thing – Self Confidence.

The need to stop say that he has a team, that he has more than him – but see it – that He Can Do It! Many say that repetition is a great answer to the situation – to build the habit, to make it work out.

Practice. He needed more practice. Just to be out there and say something. To be something.

He knows that he is one to be doing what he does. It seems to be destiny.

That’s why he’s there – pushing it through, no matter what.

– Erick, this is bonkers! Can you please explain the manuscript?

– I’m still making the story binder. So, only half of the thing is inset stone phase. Can you leave me be with it?

– But I really wish to know what’s next!

– I do get your excitement, but I’d appreciate if you’d stop pestering me.

Erick is not mad, agitated or pressured any more – he’s focused.