Guess this one can be absolutely called the “off-topic”. OR(!)

Or maybe the introduction to my works that are called “Dear A…” – it’s something in the progress. Something that’s mainly dedicated to one person to read, but somehow escalated beyond that one specific human.

It’s a diary. Well, more like letters to the person whos’ name starts with “A”, but well, mine too, starts with “A”, but I assure you – we’re two different human beings.

The “series” of letters begin with my frustration towards this person, then it passes down… As I calm the hell down. It’s semi-fiction… As most events are real, people who I write about are real (just with their names changed).

I already feel how this can backfire and people might lash out on me for being a nag, for not telling them things in their faces and all – but we all have the right for our thought and expressionism privacy.

Or maybe that’s not the right way to call it. But!

We all can express ourselves in ways we wish to do so, and to whom we wish to. We’re not bound to be there – pouring soul out all the time, or being absolutely open to ALL and every one of the people we know.

Just so it happens that – once we have this “mask” – it’s easier for us to let it all out.

In case I got you all intrigued by what this all is about – below you will find the link to the story “Dear A…” :

Dear A… – Story on Inkitt free to read