Sun hitting rooftops, light shimmering off of windows, warmth engulfs streets.

People rush from office to office, to lunch, or somewhere for business, school maybe.

Just this amazing rush going through streets, as river goes through land.

Taxi drivers being loud – trying to pass through row of other cars. Traffic making all get some patience before pushing further through – towards destination.

Double decker buses piling up at traffic lights, waiting for “green” to turn on.


It all has its own pace. Step by step, bit by bit, plot develops and becomes great story.

Breeze goes through bus. They sit on top deck, very front, looking as they go, at everything below, at shops and rows of gold.

From great people to simple office clerks, musicians, sales reps, drunkards and more…

They all walk these streets, sit in buses, go by tube, whine and curse, laugh and joke – life keeps on going.

Traffic keeps on moving, then stand still again, then movement… Cyclic or periodical?