David and Erick are the closest thing there is to “private best fucked up love story, the ultimate harsh lovers”.

They face the sad pain, the utter destruction, loneliness, then crawl out of misery, face the sky, change themselves, yet leave that common past in special box with words “my beloved” written over it, they cherish what they had, then got to live by themselves, met again, got tangled in love, once more – so much more, and they end up together. Stuck together, living together, being possessive, aggressive, with harsh yet best ever sex they had in life and they just keep at it.

For they know “they soon will die”. They just don’t know who will be the executioner.

Sadly, it’ll be one other person – “third wheel” in their long relationship, because she is one that hates losing them like that and never be part of it again. Because they committed betrayal.

Sort of betrayal where they pushed her to her limits without realising it. 

[art by Re°]