So much time had passed since I posted my project and there is still nothing going on.
Recently I even got a comment regarding the idea that all the information and news are online, it is true, indeed, but do people take time to translate by themselves information they come across from another language?

For many this project seems like “Nothing worth it”, and I do also get those people. There is enough going on in the world, that really might put my project to a shelf of “Things that might matter”.
But if actually taken time to understand, not a single soul understood that such project would not even be, if something was not off.
People go on meetings in front of the political bureaus, embassies, parliaments – and it is called “norm”, a way for people to express their dislike regarding matters at hand. And it is right, it is something in least.
Where I come from – we don’t get many strikes, meetings against government, flashmobs that show their attitude. Because since long ago, in Lithuania and Latvia, people just “live with it”. All they do – complain to newspapers, to neighbors, friends, but take NO action.
Because they are all afraid of what might happen to them, they fear to let their voices be heard, they hide when matters turn worse, they survive by working hard, doing more, growing own products, and by all far – stealing, killing. The way most deal with their life – they turn to alcohol and drink until they forget, ’till they rot away and die, or end up beaten to a pulp in a ditch.
How many people do you think is left in both Lithuania and Latvia?
By government officials – around 1.3million or maybe more, maybe less.
Actually – each country has even less than a million people.
Why do I say it like that?
Because they don’t actually go around counting people, they don’t even share registries within country, each county has it’s own registry, and they “count” people upon reflecting to density of the capital, but that is so delusional. People turn to be more in capital due to work, or try to be there for there are tourists, that might help somehow. These are the only reasons they end up there.

Many people had left the countries ages ago, taking along their families. Who are left here? Elderly and teenagers mainly, because parents work somewhere else to make money, to give the elderly and young some future, to give them something.

By all – both countries are beautiful, the nature is great, but government is horrid.

So, why do I want my project to be there, to actually become real?
Because I want to show you the realities behind the curtains of bollox that EU media provides, that bought out media is giving people, the lies that people are made to believe, the things that happen, how people live, what they dream of, the actual history of our countries, the beauty and the grit that exists here.

I want the project to work because I care about the future of these countries, and am sad with how much changed in past 20 years, and much changed for worse.

When I was young, I saw the buzz of people on streets, the chatty smiling people, working, sharing their issues, helping one another, not giving into the political bullshit, being real, caring and looking up.

Now I see exhausted people, brainwashed by media, ready to jump at you if you speak in another language. Being mad about politics, business, lying and not giving sh*t about people near them, killing to protect themselves from imaginary foes. Not looking into future, being sure of countries being doomed. Everyone thinking of ether fleeting the country, or dying, living in the moment.

There are some who still have the light and humanity in them, and thank god for it, but things must change, people lost their path and gave up.

With my project I want to get them up, show that there are things worth time, that we can create just like before and there is still much more to us than we see.

Thank you.

Project “Real Side of Lithuania and Latvia” Link to Project “Real Side of LT and LV”