To the invisible people who don’t exist on my blog here:
Already created up to Chapter 18 on “Some story of Some Life”[thinking of renaming it to “parallels” coz that would make more bloody sense], beating myself to actually do something, as I am procrastinating upon creations of the further context, but I am lazy or I am not.
(But here are published chapters up to number 13)
Actually I just wish to talk to someone who understands wits of literature and fantasy face-to-face, as I have been lacking actual talking. And yes, I did try to engage people , but I end up a bother or just out of the reach of thought wave. Ahh balls!
And I am whining like that coz whom else do I whine to for being lazy arse? Ehh… Perhaps after tomorrows long walk I’ll just DO IT ! >.<

To those who actually read my stuff: Might seem that the chapters are afloat, but in reality they just have the quite long story line and development, as characters are intertwined and have their part that is vital, and I know there are quite a lot of them .#

Hopefully shall publish more chapters soon…